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Monitoring Network Usage


Monitoring Network Usage

Home network, 1 wired PC (the kids) one wireless PC (mine) via Linksys WAG54G.

Not bothered because we're not capped but some days we're using nothing, some days the usage report is not far off 1gig.

What's got me thinking though is that before we got ADSL we had a DACSd line and all the kids really used the PC for was MSN. Mine isn't on that much anyway. Now we have ADSL they still use it for MSN yet some days like I say the usage is quite big and that wouldn't've been able on the old line.

Not worried that the router has been accessed by anyone else as I can barely get a signal in the house anyway (well i can but from the way I've had to point the antennas you'd have to be sitting next to me or outside in the street)

Is there as free program around that can be put onto the PC's just to see what is using the bandwidth and in what way? i.e would it be able to differentiate between MSN, FTPing and normal browsing?

More curious than anything but also wondering if maybe it's a problem on our network i.e. one of the computers is just talking away to the outside world.


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Monitoring Network Usage

I don't know of a program that will show bandwidth used by specific apps. Maybe someon else has.

Do you have a firewall and anti-virus scanner installed on BOTH PCs? If not I suggest you gtet both immediatelly. There are many free versions around.

I would do a full scan using Spybot search & destroy and Adaware to remove any spyware/malware that may have got installed. This may be using up your bandwidth.

You should also look at securing your wireless connection so only your PC can use it. I Don't know your router so can't help but look for things like security, encryption or restricting access to specific MAC codes (each network device has a unique MAC code).

Links to all the above software can be found in General: Essential Security software.

Monitoring Network Usage

Hi Try this program Netstat

It's not a 100% what you want, but it wil show you usage, total usage and a graph as well. I use it all the time.

Sadly I don't know of one that show's bandwidth used by indivudal programs.

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Monitoring Network Usage


netlimiter will


Monitoring Network Usage

Like I said I don't think security is the "issue", both PC's are firewalled (by the router and ZA pro), both have NAV 2004 and adaware is run regularly. Additionally the router is restricted to MAC addresses (which I know is a debate in itself) but not WEP.

No it's more of a curiosity than anything else. I mean I know i'd be hard pressed to find between 500MB and 1GIG of data to upload/download in a day.


Monitoring Network Usage

That looks like just what I need.
I'll give it a go.