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Modem drops off line


Modem drops off line

Please help, somebody! I have an elderly lady friend who has bought a new Mesh computer and subscribed to Plusnet ADSL This was about 5 months ago, and we still cannot keep the supplied Voyager modem on line for more than a few minutes. I have tried my modem and cables, BT have checked the line and renewed her indoor sockets and connections, and the computer has been back to Mesh to check the power supply, and they said that they could not replicate the problem but changed the modem board anyway. It's a USB modem so perhaps they didn't change the right board (who knows? not me). I have installed her modem on her old laptop with the same result, wherever she uses it in the house. Her next door neighbour has no problem with AOL broadband and she is not on the end of a line, but in the middle of town. She has done so well to learn all this at her age ... mid 70's, but, of course, has had no value for money whatsoever.. I have been told that a wireless option may not be the answer either, so I hesitate to involve her in any more expense at the moment. Plusnet have said that they would moniter the line for a couple of hours, but she has not heard from them since. Any ideas where to go from here please anyone? Would appreciate some feedback as I would dearly love to get the lady up and running properly. Regards Ann M

Modem drops off line

I take it your modem which you tested on her line is also a Voyager?

Also do you have any idea what the neighbours modem is? I am guessing it will be a Speedtouch. If it is NOT a Voyager you should ask her neighbour if you can borrow it to test. That way you can rule out the modem completely if it doesnt work.

Although I am suspecting it will work.

It could be an issue between the modem and the computer but the only way to test is by using a completely different model of modem such as a Speedtouch. I think it is more than likely going to be the modem that is the problem as this issue has been talked about alot in other forums.

See here

Your best bet is to try and persuade Plusnet to supply you with a different modem because this one is more than likely incompitable with the computer.

- I have asked a Plusnet member of staff to look at this thread for you Ann.

Modem drops off line

By any chance has she got an alarm i dont mean house alarm but one for the elderly that plugs into the phone so they can press a button if they fall?

If she does that is the problem I have had the same problem with an old lady ADSL worked fine if you unplugged her alarm but put it back and the line dropped.

I assume you have tried the standard things like disconnect all the phones and plug the modem into the master socket. Unplug any other usb devices like printers that may pull all the power and see if that helps.

You could try this

It can work wonders
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Modem drops off line

I'd echo what has been said above, to ensure that there isn't something else causing problems with the modem trying to maintain a connection. Its unlikely to be down to the PC if you get similar results whilst trying the modem on a different machine at the same location.

Unfortunatly, there is little else that I can suggest at this time, other than that if you've tried the above, use the automated faults system to raise it through to support on her account. Then if you drop me a Private Message on the forums with the ticket number, I'll keep an eye on it for you.
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Modem drops off line

Strange-- I was sure I posted on here last night reinforcing part of mwright's post regarding alarms. I understand that "Redline" alarms that connect to police staions or specialised call centres via the phone line can cause problems ocvasionally