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Mobilecom Laptop broken - bios or memory problem?


Mobilecom Laptop broken - bios or memory problem?


My MobileCom laptop has given up the ghost after 2 and 1/2 years of sterling service. It keeps giving a blue screen and an ACPI error message indicating a problem with the BIOS. On the (very )odd occasions I can actually boot up Win 2K it blue screens with invalid memory or page errors. I even get the same thing if I boot from the Win 2K installation CD, so I don't think its a software issue.

Unfortunately, MobileCom went out of business. I can't find who might support their kit... the places I've tried won't try to repair laptops they don't know...

I've checked that the BIOS and memory chips are seated correctly, but I can't really do more than that...

Can anyone give me any advice on what else I could try (by way of fixing it myself) or recommend a company that might fix it (need to be relatively cheap as its an oldish machine).
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Mobilecom Laptop broken - bios or memory problem?

Try doing a full memory test with memtest86 to verify if the memory is the cause of the problem. Use the floppy boot version (precompiled for windows & dos) not the ISO image to create a floppy boot disk with just the memtest loaded.

The default 7 tests will find most memory related issues but the full 11, which takes very much longer, should detect any marginal issues. If the memory is OK then the problem is elsewhere. If it fails to run at all check the Known issues section of the web page first or it could be processor related..


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Mobilecom Laptop broken - bios or memory problem?

Thanks very much for that, Peter. I've just downloaded the app, and I'll definitely give it a go.

Mobilecom Laptop broken - bios or memory problem?

It turned out to be a twofold problem. One of the memory chips was completely buggered (this I diagnosed myself). the other one had dirty contacts, and needed a solvent clean to sort it out (this i didn't spot).

No got the laptop back up and running (albeit slower with only 128mb ram now). Shocked