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Mini PCI Cards


Mini PCI Cards


Does anybody know whether there are different sizes / types of Mini PCI cards?

I have purchased an Intel PRO BG Mini PCI card, with the intention of installing it in my Dell Latitude c400, so that I could get rid of the protruding PCMCIA card which I currently use for wireless connectivity. The problem I have encountered is that the card does not seem to fit. I have removed the plastic cover from the base of the laptop, and have revealed the 56k modem, and a slot similar to a PCI slot, only shorter. This is what I am assuming is the Mini PCI slot (unless I am looking in the wrong place?) but the card doesn't fit, it is not as long as the slot...

Any idea's ?

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Mini PCI Cards

The only thing i can think of is that some cards are low profile to fit into smaller boards / cases but it should say low profile clearly on the packaging if this is the case

sorry cant be any more help than that

Mini PCI Cards

Thanks for the reply Bill

All the packaging says is the model number...

Never mind.