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Microsoft Outlook problem

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Microsoft Outlook problem

got my hardware on saturday (the BT Voyager 105) and wired it all up so my BB+ is now working fine. However, my missus has a problem with her Outlook that I can't work out. We previously had Freeserve dialup so her outlook settings are geared up for Freeserve, and when she goes to "Tools" and "Send/Receive" it retrieves mail from her Freeserve online account fine but it will not send email, I just get this message - "0x800CCC0E FAILED_TO_CONNECT Cannot connect to server". I've tried using the original Freeserve dialup setting and the new Voyager setting, but neither will work.

Do I have to change the Freeserve settings to PlusNet ones now or what? If so, how come it will retrieve email OK without me changing anything!

I'm a complete dimwit when it comes to stuff like this so any advice much appreciated!!


Microsoft Outlook problem

I had same problem with BT email, try the following:
Change your outgoing server to and that should solve your problem.

Hope this helps!
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Microsoft Outlook problem

i dont quite unserstand how plusnet can retrieve email from freeserve (but it does) but you will be sending email from the plusnet servers therefore you no longer have freeserve server access, because you aren't connecting to freeserve.(correct me if im wrong mods Shockedops: )
i have experienced problems with editing outlook settings, just doesnt seem to like it, so if you still have problems, record the old settings , remove the problem account and start from fresh.

Microsoft Outlook problem

Hi there,

I'm locking this thread in favour of the OP's identical thread in Feedback.

Its never a good idea to post the same topic in two forums. It can cause confusion and get disjointed.

By the looks of things, the other thread seems to have offered a resolution.