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Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Dial-in Access Problems


Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Dial-in Access Problems

Ok, I've a got a problem and I have no idea how to sort it.

My dad has just got a new laptop. The one he had was configured to be part of a company domain. The new one he has is just a home computer. However he still want to use the new computer to dial in to the company network and access e-mail on an Exchange server via Outlook.

Before he did this using a modem rather than a VPN. I have transferred the settings over to the new computer and it will dial in and connect, however it cannot find the Exchange server.

Oh and to complicate things, there is a WiFi network running at home.

Anyone any ideas as to what maybe wrong? I've never dealt with a setup like this before and it is doing my head in.
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Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Dial-in Access Problems

I suspect the old laptop had the exchange details preset by the companies systems admin dept. You will need to contact them to know the name/IP address and other details like email address, offline contact lists etc to setup Outlook. You may try looking in the outlook setup on the old laptop for the details. There may also be additional entries added to the hosts file which may be in windows or windoes/system or windoes/system32 folders.

If he is still using dialup then the wifi network plays no part in the problem unless he is connected to your local wireless network at the time he uses the modem. Tat certainly would complicate things and I would try it without the wireless connection running.

Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Dial-in Access Problems

As has been said the problem is you need the ip address of Exchange as the laptop has no way of knowing what it is as there is no dns to tell it. Once you have that it should be ok. The other way around it is to use outlook's web page on the server but agin it will need the ip but this is easier to set up.

You may have to change outlook from local mode to wokgroup mode as well.

Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Dial-in Access Problems

got it sorted in the end. got my dads company to forward the e-mails to his home e-mail and sent up an additional sending account with his work e-mail in.

Thanks for the suggestions though Smiley