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Microsoft Encarta install problem

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Microsoft Encarta install problem

I'm trying to install MS Encarta 2002 DVD version.

The setup and install goes fine as long as I install it on my C drive...but I don't want to!! I'd prefer to install it in another drive (with more space) but unusually there are no browse options to select a different install location during setup.

I know it uses the Internet Explorer front end, but so do plenty of other programmes not necessarily installed on the C drive, so I can't see why I shouldn't be able to install it where I want it.

One of the problems encountered after installing on the C drive is because it's so big, even though I still have over a Gig of space available on C drive afterwards, Defragmenter won't run because there is less than 15% of the available space left, and as I said I don't want it on my C drive anyway...

Any ideas?
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Microsoft Encarta install problem

You could try a command prompt (start- run- command)
then enter the command, x:\setup y. where x is the letter of
your cd drive and y is the drive you want to install to.
Not sure if it's correct command, but something along those lines.