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Maybe a daft question!

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Maybe a daft question!

My PC I openly admit is not the greatest in the world, but it suits me for the time being; it has integrated graphic's (Intel) on the motherboard, which are Ok, but not the best either, from my previous PC I have a more than adequate AGP ATi graphics board, but guess what? the motherboard in my current PC doesn't have an AGP slot...

But...on inspection, it seems the integrated board does have all the solder points in the correct place for an AGP slot, only seeming to lack the actual mounting slot.

Now here's the silly question...could I remove the AGP mounting slot from my old motherboard (it seems to screw on) and attach it to the new motherboard, would it work?Huh
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Maybe a daft question!

I would be surprised to find that the APG connector is not soldered through the PCB, and with 120+ connections. I do not fancy your chances of de-soldering it without destroying it.

Also there is likely to be supporting circuitry that is also missing from the board.
A better bet would be to replace the motherboard, try eBay if you did not want to spend much money.