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Mac G4+Bluetooth


Mac G4+Bluetooth

Hi Everyone

Possibly a shot in the dark; but has anyone come across any problems with "Mac's" implementation of Bluetooth?

I am using a Mac G4 with OS X 10.3.9.With a recently purchased USB bluetooth "dongle" which as far as I can see complies with the latest bluetooth specifications namely bluetooth V1.1/1.2, and is apparently USB UHC1/OHC1 spec 1.1 compliant (whatever that means)

The idea was to synch my computer with my smartphone which is an Orange SPV C500.

The situation is: when I go to Bluetooth configuration the computer finds pairs with and connects to the 'phone with no problems; but for some reason that I cannot find out drops the connection about 1 minute later, although the 'phone is still indicating that it is still connected to the computer.

A 'google" search only turned up a few hints that the Mac OS does'nt handle bluetooth very well ( which i would find somewhat suprising) but no further details as to why or a work around if indeed this situation exists.

So thought I would ask here in case someone has come across any problems with Bluetooth....... it may well be something as simple as my needing to track down a particular specification of "dongle" as the one I am using at the moment was the only one available in my home town and not knowing about these things and thinking that Bluetooth was a standard thing I must confess to not having done any reasearch into the subject, and took that it would be "plug n play" for granted as the Mac seems to be able to figure out whatever it is that is plugged into the USB ports :-)

Thanks for any forthcoming help or ideas


Mac G4+Bluetooth

Bit late in the day but...

You might get more answers here

There do not seem to be that many PlusNet "maccers". Or are there :?: Smiley

Mac G4+Bluetooth

You're better off going to the link that mike highlighted for all Mac-related matters. It has a really good Mac forum for ADSL problems. Plusnet's Mac support isn't that good, although there are some Maccies on here who are very helpful.

Mac G4+Bluetooth

I have a dongled (if that's a word) G3 and a G5 with built-in Bluetooth and other than the occasional problem I've been pretty happy with it.

First problem you're going to find is that the SPV is a Windows PocketPC thingy. You'll need something like The Missing Sync to sync between the Address Book / iCal, etc.

Secondly, what are you doing in that minute before it disconnects? Bluetooth trashes the battery life on cell phones so they tend to switch off if it's not being used. Try clicking the Bluetooth icon in Address Book and see if the connection stays open. (If you get a text it should pop-up on-screen and you should be able to send message from your Mac too.)

--> Stephen