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MSN messenger and webcam


MSN messenger and webcam

Checking my bandwidth useage using the PN tool shows me that I'm often using over 200MB per day - apart from normal internet/email useage I dont download very much at all so I'm wondering if it's my kids using MSN and a webcam to talk to their mates in the evenings.
I raised a ticket with PN and they assure me that MSN on it's own uses very little (approx 3kb per send/receive) but that the webcam could use a lot.
Does anyone know if it's possible for three hours of MSN+webcam on to use about 150MB+ of bandwidth - it seems a lot to me!
Thanks in advance

re : MSN & Webcam

Can't say using it mainly for MSN , but use a webcam program called CU World the current incarnation of CU-See-Me( and use that for upto a few hours most night and I average 200MB-450MB daily but thats a mix of both programs MSN & CU World, to me it doesn't seem a lot but I use a Creative Live Pro USB and get about average send of 20-30 frames per second which might account for my own high bandwidth use.


MSN messenger and webcam

Thanks for that.
My webcam is something like 15 frames per second (approx half of yours) so the figures stand comparison.
My kids are often receiving webcam images of their mates at the same time as sending off their own images - I assume this would mean double the bandwidth usage?