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MSN File Number increase


MSN File Number increase

I am looking for the Registry setting where you can increase the value for number of files you can receive in MSN 7.5 from 3 which is the default to any number I am running XP pro with service pack 2 and as mentioned msn 7.5 .I used to have the registry entry path writen down used it some years ago but cant find it now .
I have looked in the registry at the curent user & local machine then software but from there I can't remember which one it is .I recall this in one of the mags but it was some time back .Or can you no longer change this value ,must admit the last time I did this was in the windows 98 days .


MSN File Number increase


The registry settings for msn are located here:


There doesnt appear to be a vaild key to edit so as you can diasble the 3 file limit, but you can try a work around......

If you install MSN+ (without the sponser though) and then a third party plugin called "file transfer plus 1.1" you will have a much more improved facility for transfering files.

Google is your friend or pm me for direct links.

Good luck Cheesy

MSN File Number increase

I've spent some time going through this same registry entry but as wasn't sure if I had right one better to ask ,for advice.
Thanks for your input and suggestions Am curently sorting out those to try .
Now if it had been Win98 and windows messenger I could have done it .Maybe .
Thanks again

MSN File Number increase

hehehe Cheesy

Glad to help and as i say pm me for links if you need clarification, if you install the msn+ watch out for the option "dont install sponcer" as it has loads of crappy spam and spyware.

Have fun Smiley