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MSI Saga


MSI Saga

Thanks to Peter V. and Ormond.

The Bios setting is about checking AGP or PCI on boot up. Changing this setting makes no difference. I have Wink2K + SP3. When the PCI card is connected (Vodoo FX), here is what happens:

1)If the monitor is connected to the onboard: I get the bootup screens, but once Windows has started proper, I have a black screen.

2)If the monitor is plugged to the PCI card: no booting screen. So I can't choose which configuration I want (I have several) nor can I login.

When I have been able to guess when Windows is asking me to login and passed that stage, W2K correctly detects the PCI card and install the drivers for it. It then thinks that I have 2 monitors connected (which is correct.actually). Going to Properties/Settings/Advanced, I can choose which is my 1st monitor AND which is my 2nd monitor, not which of the two I wish to use.

Strangely enough, the manual for the Mobo does say it has an AGP slot, although it is definitely not on my Mobo. It maybe a common manual for different variations of this Mobo.

Not to worry (although it's a bit annoying), as I intend to upgrade my Mobo and other bits and pieces pretty soon. I currently have an Athlon 2000XP, 800M of Ram, a 40G HD, and EMU0404 soundcard with ASIO drivers (this card rocks by the way). I mainly use my machine for graphic design(Photoshop & Macromedia MX Suite) and music (Logic Audio, Sibelius), as I am a music student.

On term break at the mo, so have started doing my research for the intended upgrade.

MSI MS-6378

Yo chaps,

On the MSI MS-6378 mobo, how to you disable the onboard graphic card/controller, so that I can plugin a PCI graphic card?

Couldn't see any setings in the BIOS to that effect (Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG)

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MSI MS-6378

I think there is a setting to choose between AGP and PCI in one of the screens (the on-borad graphics is still treated as AGP i think)- you don't actually disable the on-board graphics.

I take it you have tried plugging in the PCI graphics card. If not try it as sometimes BIOSes will auto detect it and disable the on-board graphics.

MSI MS-6378

I've got one of those boards... I jsut stuck in a PCI gfx card and all was well, there was no need to disable the onboard.