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MS Word and MS Works

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MS Word and MS Works

Is anyone familiar with MS Works ?

A colleague (novice) uses MS Works and has been having difficulty sending MS Works files which can be read by MS Word. I am not familiar with Works as I have not used it for a good many years and have no software on my systems to replicate it. I suspect it may be a training problem. I am reluctant to advise her to go and buy Word if she does not need to do so.

Certainly the MS Works webpage claims that Works can read and edit MS Word files.

But can all versions of MS Word read and edit MS Works files ?

And can MS Works save documents as Word files or as RTF files ?

Anyone know the answer ?

MS Word and MS Works

As far as I know, Works is just a compilation of office-type software applications, and I'm fairly sure that Word is one of the applications included in Works. So theoretically, there should be no compatibility problems between Works and Word within Office, that said I have known others to have similar problems. I'm sure you can do the equivalent of a "Save As ..." in Works and save the document as a Word Document.

MS Word and MS Works

Works files can not be read in word, it opens them in a total mess. As such word files can not be read in works I do not think.

If he is using works, get him to copy it all into wordpad and save it there and then u can edit it, or save as RTF as the works extension is just stupid.


MS Word and MS Works

Within works you can select save as, and save the documents as Word 97-2002. This saves them as RTF documents, and you should have no problem opening them in word.

Works is a package along the lines of office, but much cheaper, and without all the functionaility of office.

MS Word and MS Works

There is a tool on Microsoft Office which is a Works to Word conversion tool.

It converts *.wps Works files to *.doc files for edit in word.

Just go to and go to downloads.

Search for "works" and then its either the top or second result you get on the webpage.