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MS Updates


MS Updates

Hi all.

Is it possible, prior to a re-format to save MS Updates to disk,
And then reload them afterwards?

I am using XP Home

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MS Updates

I wouldn't think so as they need to install themselves after you have downloaded them. So just copying them and trying to but them back as a file would not be the same.

I can see why you want to do this though as its a pain when you do a reinstall and then have umpteen hundred updates that keep wanting to reinstall :?

MS Updates


Thanks for that.
You are right its a real pain, especially as the initial setup disc is now 3yrs old.


NB Your location is only 10miles from me

MS Updates

yea you can, you can download all the updates manualy from the ms website, read :

its called Windows Update, and you just download the MSI packages and install them your self.

you could also run a SuS server on your network which will download them all anyhoo.

MS Updates

There is also something called Slipstreaming, which enables you to slipstream the most important updates such as Service Pack 2 straight into the Windows Installer thus then being able to create a new bootable disk Wink

Made one myself and love it heh.

Heres a tutorial:

Might seem like a lot of work but you only have to do it once!
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MS Updates

Agree with phearfactor slipstreaming is the way to go i do it myself and there is an easier way to go about it using Autostreamer , ive used it many times and its very easy all it needs is a source (your Windows CD or a local share) and the Service Pack files copied to your hard drive

Just download and execute then follow the instructions and before you know it you will have an iso image ready to burn to disk

MS Updates

As we are all now on MAXDSL running at 8 meg very stable(joke) its not worth worring about its not long to download them all again. I rebuilt a pc the other day and its only 5 mins to get over 50 updates. Its more mither saving them and writing them to disk
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MS Updates

Also you might want to look at HFNETchkPRO from Shavlik, I use it on my home network, & you don't need a special machine for it, & it scans the machine on the network, & can download the patches to be intalled at your leasure, & even if you rebuilt your other machine, use the shavlik software to do the work. Works a treat here, & at work.