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MS PowerPoint 2003


MS PowerPoint 2003

Hello everyone.

I have MS powerPoint 2003 on my computer, and for some unkown reason i cannot open a .pps document that a friend is sending me (that they can open in PowerPoint).

To enable me to open it, i have to rename the file to .ppt

Can anyone shread some light as to why this is ?

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MS PowerPoint 2003

.pps files open into a slideshow and .ppt files open into the powerpoint editor.
Perhaps you don't have all the features installed.
Then, there are incompatibilities between various versions of powerpoint, and between powerpoint itself and Windows XP SP1. So it's possibly something of this kind.
Try a Google on ................. why change .pps .ppt powerpoint .................... and you'll come up with quite a few interesting bits of information about it such as this one .
But since you've found a way round the problem, I'd stick with that.

MS PowerPoint 2003

thanks for your reply.

i think all features are installed, as thats what i asked for when i installed MS Office 2003.