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MP3 Catalogue Software


MP3 Catalogue Software

Does anybody know of a piece of software (preferably free or shareware) which I can use to create a catalogue of my mp3 tracks (all legally downloaded orCD rips).

There are in excess of 4000 tracks, and therefore entering them manually into a spreadsheet or dbase isn't really an option. I know that the collectorz software will scan a specified location and present you with a list - but it is rather pricey for a piece of software that will only be used once...

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MP3 Catalogue Software

Windoze media player will do this for you.
But this seems to be too obvious an answer for it to be of any use.

I dont know any particular piece of sofware out there, but i have been using linux these day and there are plenty of media players out there that come with good caloging features.

I really just wanted to get emails from this post man, like when others post here, cos i am real interested in this as i have lots of them too. Actually dude windoze media player is dam good at this - comin from me thats sayin something. I think im turnin into one of those Microsoft haters :x

Tongue Tongue Tongue

MP3 Catalogue Software

winamp does it with a single click -> its an option at the bottom to create an html page of your play list, just load them all in and then generate the page (takes about 2 seconds) and then save the output how you like. If you want it in a spread sheat select all the text and do a paste special into excel splitting on the "-" between the artist and the track

MP3 Catalogue Software

Thank you Cheesy

i hadn't realised that winamp would generate the HTML page for me Smiley