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HI when my friends starts up his computer MEDIAG~1.EXE trys to run would like to know if its a threat to his pc.

did a google search and it just showed links to anti spyware forums with the file in the registry.

went into msconfig and selected it to not come up on start up....when the computer restrated it had reselected itself and replaced media gateway with the same file name but unticked...

from google i got the impression media gateway and MEDIAG~1.EXE were related..

any help would be great thanks


Yep its adware.

The actual full name is mediagateway.exe


I found a read me file on his computer saying what it was and how to remove it it also said it was installed when another program was installed as part of the use of the free software....

it said to remove it just simply goto add remove and remove but doing so will stop the use of the frree software.

i did all this plus removed it from start up in msconfig it has not has not returned but that means nothing.

I did an adaware personal scan and it found 96 critical files and registry changes too so i removed them too and quarantined them.

theres no sign of it now.....will see what happens thanks for the reply