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ME102 Wireless Access Point


ME102 Wireless Access Point


First post here - go easy on the noob!

I have a account, and am very happy with it. I have the standard-issue Voyager 205 router/modem, and am thinking about going wireless.

I have a desktop computer which is plugged into the ethernet connection on the router, and a laptop which is plugged into the USB port.

If I was to buy a Netgear ME102 wireless access point (which have have recommended to me as being cheap but good), could I simply plug it into my Voyager modem and run like that? I would want to keep the computer on an ethernet port, therefore could I run the ME102 from the USB port, or would I need to buy a hub or a switch or something to split the ethernet port on the voyager modem?

I am aware that the ME102 only runs the b-standard wireless networking (rather than the g-standard), so will be slower, but my laptop will only work on the b-standard anyway, so no loss.

All help gratefully recieved!

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ME102 Wireless Access Point

I had problems connecting everywhere I wanted to in the house but a Belkin Pre-N router sorted that easily, it massively increases range even if you have bog standard wireless on your laptop-- mind you they're quite pricey! :roll:
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ME102 Wireless Access Point


Welcome to the forums. I'm moving this to the Computers and Hardware forum where you will hopefully get some help before it drops off the end of the page.