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MCP Windows XP 70-270

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MCP Windows XP 70-270

Has anyone taken (or studying) the MS Windows XP MCP exam 70-270. I'm looking for suitable books for revision purposes and Im not really sure what to try.

I don't like the look of the Microsfot press books, I want something thats a little friendler to read and more enjoyable as well as obviously carrying the aproriate content.

The book I wanted was the Microsoft XP Passport book. But it's nolonger produced and theres no second hand ones on Ebay. The few places Ive found that do still have it are charging a fair amount for it and Im not even sure if the book is very good.

Any recommendations accepted greatfully.
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MCP Windows XP 70-270


I've always found Que books have a format that I find easy to follow.

They have an exam cram book at the following link.

One other place I used to get 2nd hand books was my local Computer Exchange (cex) store, I just used to go in and look on there book rack for latest titles I was interested in, but haven't got any for a while.

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MCP Windows XP 70-270

See pm