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Logon delay problem


Logon delay problem

I've had a windows problem for weeks, and I can't figure it out. I
thought some off you might like a challenge, so here's the problem...

I use Windows 2000 Professional on my home PC. It's networked via a
10/100 switched adsl router to a PC and a wifi AP (for a laptop).

My PC has a laser printer, which is shared. My PC also has a funny PDF
printer driver. The other PC has an injet, which is shared.

Now, a few weeks ago after a bit of fannying about with various
software and hardware, I noticed that, occasionally, it took an age to
logon to Windows. I'm talking 10-20 seconds from pressing return to
seeing the desktop. There's no disk activity, just wallpaper.

After a bit of hunting, I discovered that my firewall was logging DNS
requests by the print spooler at logon. A bit worried, I ran full virus
and spyware tests, but found nothing. Disabling the spooler service
removes the logon delay, but that ain't no solution.

I've removed all printer drivers and re-installed. I've killed off the
fax service. I've looked through the registry. I've hunted the web and
usenet. Other people seem to see the same thing, but no one has an

Over to you?

Logon delay problem

Its realy down to why its doing a dns lookup. but as you say its a common problem with printers. There are a couple of solutions first add all you network pc's and anything else with a ip to the Host file this normaly will stop the dns lookup(dont forget to enable netbios option in network settings)

If that doesnt fix it then the problem is with the service dnscache if you look at the site they have loads of info on this problem and how to fix it.

Logon delay problem

Thanks for the reply.

I only have one network printer, on the same subnet as my own computer. I added it to hosts and lmhosts, for good measure, but it made no difference to the logon delay. Spoolsv.exe still insists on sending 45 bytes to DNS.

Today, I reinstalled the DNS cache plug-in to my software firewall (Outpost), to see what was cached, but there's nothing there! It's almost like the dns request is bad.

I don't use the Windows DNS cache. The service is set to manual.

I thought that maybe the spooler service had a list of bogus network printers it tried to contact at logon, but I can't find the list anywhere. The only thing I can see is in the registry, at HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\Printers. However, there's nothing there that shouldn't be. There *are* two entries for the network printer, but I'm guessing that's normal.

BTW, I even removed all printer devices from my config, and the problem still existed.

Another weird thing is that it doesn't happen at every logon. Maybe one in five times it goes straight in. Correspondingly, there is no Spoolsv.exe entry in my firewall log. Weird.