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I am trying to convert a disc ful of documents in Locoscript to a more common wordprocessor, e.g. Word, Word Pro, etc.

Several people have been good enough to offer help but I still cannot find the exact steps to take toaccomplish the task.

Can anyone give me a clear path through this difficult task. It would need to be really step-by-step. I am aged 73.

Someone referred me to a program, (free) called "lococonv" but I did not manage to use it as i couldn't understnd the precise steps to key in.

Replies can be email if desired:

Any help would be appreciated.

Joseph V. McKeating.


We try to keep things on the forum, so they are public knowledge.

I found a small article on the Guardian website, which is available HERE, which was printed over a year ago.

You might want to try the ideas there.

As for the program lococonv, you may like to try these steps.
Note: You didn't say if where using windows or anything, so these instructions are on the basis you do. If not, let me know, and I will help.
  • Open "My Computer" from the desktop.
    If using Windows XP, then from the "Start" menu
  • Open the C drive.
    This is often marked with a name, however, it usualy has "C:" in brackets.
  • Using the right mouse button, select "New" from the list.
    A menu will pop-out from the side, click on "Folder"
  • It will allow you to edit the name right away, call it "docs" and hit return
  • Open this folder, which should present a blank screen
  • Create a second folder, and name it "locodocs"
  • You now need to do two things.
  • Copy all your locoscript docs to the folder "locodocs"
  • Copy the program "lococonv.exe" to the "docs" folder
  • Click on the "Start" button and goto run
  • If using XP, type "cmd"
    If using Windows 95, 98 or 98SE, type "command"
    Now click OK
  • In the dos box, type "cd c:\docs", hit return
  • Now type "lococonv locodocs rtfdocs" and hit return

    This should convert all the files for you, without harming the existing files.