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Linux and Why nothing is every simple


Linux and Why nothing is every simple

Hi All,

I've been trying out Linux and so far I've been happy. However I'm really looking for advice.

I've probably been trying to run before I can walk, so anyone with some places I can look to learn more about linux, how to compile etc.

I'm also looking for an AVI player, and I've found a few, but nothing that doesn't require difficult compilation. Any ideas?

Maybe I've picked the wrong distro of linux, I'm using Red Hat Fedora Core 4.

Any advice is greatfully recieved Smiley

Linux and Why nothing is every simple

right here goes:

1) you shoulda talked to me first
2) download a gentoo live disk :
3) install Gentoo from stage 3 (do not try and run and go from stage 1)
4) Consult if you have any issues
5) to complie C use .gcc program name
6) to run said program ./name
7) for AVI // etc use Videolan
Cool for mp3s etc use XMMS its winamp for linux ^_^
9) sit back and love the gentoo

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Linux and Why nothing is every simple

There are Fodora core versions of videolan @
And xmms @

That are installed via rpm so do not need compiling.

Another great link for rpm based distro’s is; they have a massive selection of rpm, if you need any dependencies.

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Linux and Why nothing is every simple

Media players supplied with distributions often come partly disabled due to fears about licensing issues, but they can be made to work. To make Kaffeine work in Suse you have to install a codec package from, then download and install a new copy of Kaffeine. It now plays every format I have tried so far.

Fedora must come with a media player, maybe you can get that one to work by a similar process. I heartily agree with using rpm's to install software - much easier than compiling from source.

For information try the Rute User's Tutorial and Exposition, available at

Linux and Why nothing is every simple

fedora sucks though, and gentoo with emerge rules for so so so many reasons. so meh :p

Linux and Why nothing is every simple

But Buz, Gentoo requires some knowledge about what your doing lol

I'm very knew to Linux and I need something that helps me, not that I have to configure every step. I took a look at gentoo but I decided against it for now.

So onto the age old argument, gnome or KDE? which is better?

Linux and Why nothing is every simple

Oh come on guys .. no wonder people will put off when asking this kind of question. Instead of bickering on what distributions are the best, we may help the original poster on the original questions he asked.

Linux and Why nothing is every simple

I am the original poster lol

Linux and Why nothing is every simple

gadget, its not hard if you read the step by step install guide that i posted. It is infact quite easy to go from stage 1 (the hardest) using it. stage 3 is just like any other Distro install. You just have to make the kernal, takes about 20 mins Wink

Neither, use Flubox for your desktop Smiley - poke me on MSN when you are about, i need to talk to ya