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Lexmark 640 printer problem with Windows Vista


Lexmark 640 printer problem with Windows Vista

Purchased Lexmark 640 printer thinking it would be suitable for Windows Vista, however, it appears that although the USB cable is working and a connection is made to my computer the printer (All power is connected and working)aint working and all attempts to print are met by that annoying voice which says...'communication problems with printer'

The Lexmark disc does say up to Windows XP but even so I assumed that the printer would still print.

Cannot access the operating instructions off the supplied CD neither. Menu appears on screen but cannot open selected items.

Can the problem be resolved or should I begin to look round for a printer compatible with Windows Vista.

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Lexmark 640 printer problem with Windows Vista

Many drivers written for XP will not work on Vista so unless software specifically states it is compatible with Vista then your are normally in trouble.

Check the lexmark website to see if they have updated software and drivers compatible with vista for your printer. I have just checked and it looks like they have.

This is one of the main gripes with Vista, many manufacturers have no yet released drivers for their products for it.

Lexmark printer

Thanks for the reply.

Have had problems with a Toshiba Gigabeat...No longer able to open or even run the Gigabeat on the Vista platform.

A bit miffed to say the least. Unable to download driver software, due to being on ordinary dial up.(Lexmark) as the time to do so is beyond my patience.

Lexmark 640 printer problem with Windows Vista

When you installed it did you run the cd which came with the printer? If so that would try and install the xp drivers. If you can try removing the software and drivers remove the printer and after a reboot plug the printer in and see if vista finds it as it may then install its own drivers if it has them.


I tried every combination that you mentioned but alas none got the printer to print.

The cd combination was tried but I was unable to access any software on the cd and Vista refused to open the printer manual.

No matter what combination has been tried I have reached a dead end.

Thanks for your help in this matter but I have decided to close the problem by re-selling the printer.

Will wait until a suitable printer for Vista comes on to the market.
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Lexmark 640 printer problem with Windows Vista

Quick question - have you installed 64 or 32 bit Vista?

I'm mystified as to why you shouldn't be able to open the printer manual on the CD..... is this simply a case of the manual being in a format you haven't installed a reader for? (for example PDF - which requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

I suppose the next question would be, can you read any CDs?

Oh... and anyway, first result I hit from a Google search was a Vista driver download from Lexmark for the 640 printer.