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Laptop can’t surf web


Laptop can’t surf web

I have a desktop PC that is connected via 100Mbs LAN to the Internet which is working fine. It run’s Windows 98SE

My laptop has Windows XP and for a short period could connect to the internet using the same Linksys ADSL Gateway, which has four Ethernet ports at the back, as the desktop now uses.
However, since it came back with a new screen (!) it has been unable to see the internet at all. Its as if the modem is not there.

I got a network card for the desktop and wired it up and it works fine, but now I can’t even access the router with the laptop!

People are trying to tell me that I need to have the laptop connecting to the web through the desktop, which is of no use to me and why I got a modem with 4 ports at the back!

I have gone over what setting should be set to what and all the laptop settings are the same as the desktop settings.
As far as anyone can see, there is nothing wrong.

Can anyone shed any light on this very frustrating situation? :x

Pete Wink

Laptop can’t surf web

If your router has a modem built in then you
connect to the back as the main pc.
Are you running DHCP on your router or are you
configuring your LAN settings manually.
If DHCP is on then you need to ensure that your laptop
LAN is set to obtain IP address and DNS servers automatically.
Run the command ipconfig/all and this will bring up the
settings on your laptop.
You should have an IP address in the same range, but
different to the main pc. The default gateway should be the address
of your router and the DNS server will be your router.
The subnet mask should be the same on all.
Try the command ipconfig/release followed by ipconfig/renew ,
if they're different.
If you configure manually, then set Plusnets DNS servers in your
LAN settings as & .
PS : ensure you dont have any windows or other firewall running
on the laptop, to begin with.

Laptop can’t surf web

To get things strait,
1/ You are connecting the desktop to the internet through a 4 port DSL Modem router.
2/ You have the laptop connected to another port of the router modem
3/ You cannot browse the web from the laptop or access the router or see the other PC (if you have networking set up)

If the above is correct, check the following
1/ Is the LAN card in your laptop actually working ?? (Check in device manager)
2/ Do you have a software firewall on the laptop ?? (disable it temporarily if you do)
3/ Is the router DCHP set to on and your laptop settings set to "obtain IP and DNS automatically"

Don't forget thet you need to reboot ecah time you make a change for it to be effective.