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Laptop Advice

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Laptop Advice

Can anyone point me in the right direction? Where do I start looking? What sort of spec. should I look at?

I want a laptop that I can use for Word, Excel, Outlook and Powerpoint, surfing, watching the odd DVD and viewing/storing digital photos whilst on the move.

I don't really want to spend much more than £650.


Laptop Advice

you may want to check out ACER laptops, dell laptops and Sony laptops.

you will prob want an intel centrino laptop as they arnt that expensive but give good power for the money.

If you really want a nice laptop check out alienware , they really do make some sweet laptops Smiley.

Hope that helped a bit

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Laptop Advice

I would take a look at Evesham, Mesh and Dell for good quality laptops. These companies all have pretty good reputations for quality. You tend to get a better deal ordering online rather than going anf purchasing a laptop at your local PCWorld.

You have various options regarding specification, and you can get either an Intel Centrino Mobile Processor (lower clock speeds but good value for money and generally mean an thinner laptop), a desktop Intel Pentium 4 processor (not as good value for money, but lots more power), an Intel Celeron processor (OK performance but not up to the Intel Centrino or Pentium 4), an AMD 64 mobile processor (ready for future 64-bit applications and good value for money), or the AMD sepmron processor (32-bit only but decent performance).

Here are three recommendations for you (all around £650 which was your suggested price):

I hope that helps, and good luck with your laptop search! Smiley
matt Wink

Laptop Advice

I might suggest a Acer laptop.

I got a great deal in August. £599 for a 2.4Ghz celeron, 60GB hard disk, 256MB ram + CDRW/DVD

I actualy picked an offer that showed a 40GB HD, but got the 60GB Cheesy

Taking advantage of OpenSource software like Open Office, I can do Word & Excel documents. I could also make Powerpoint documents, if I could work out the software.

It doesn't deal with Access DB's, but has intergrated DB support.

I simply use Gmail on the move, so don't deal with Outlook.
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Laptop Advice

Of all the unlikely places to look is ToysRus. :?
But no joking they do a laptop with a cracking spec.
Pentium 4 at 3 gig with all the goodies you could want like DVD rewiter and connectors for everything.

A friend of mine bought one a year ago at £999 but I looked the other day and they have come down to £699.

Made by Medion and well worth a look. Smiley

Laptop Advice

The laptop i have is from toys r us pretty fast machine but there idiots there.

3.2ghz processor
60 gig hard drive
ati graphics shit one
dvd re writer
Bunch of software

Got it in july time bit more cash back then