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Laptop Advice and BB on PC & Laptop how


Laptop Advice and BB on PC & Laptop how

I currently have a PC in me bedroom, which takes up a lot of room.
I want to move the PC downstairs and get a Laptop, mainly for Internet use.

So I want the cheapest Laptop to do that, I also need to know how to have BB
on PC downstairs and have BB on the Laptop. Would prefer Wireless etc.

Links to things to buy etc would be nice.

Laptop Advice and BB on PC & Laptop how

Look for Centrino laptops, which include wireless capability.

I have a D-Link DSL-504 broadband router (, with a NetGear wireless access point, connected with a cable to the router. All my laptops have wireless (two built-in, one with a NetGear PCMCIA adaptor -

Works a treat, plugged into the same socket as my cordless two extension phone and Sky box ...

Enjoy (and why do you want to use a computer in bed?) :?
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Laptop Advice and BB on PC & Laptop how

Centrino laptops come with a hefty price tag. You could get a reasonable 2nd hand laptop with USB support and buy a USB wireless adapter - circa £20.

You'll need ADSL modem / router / wireless hub, the PC will need a PCI wireless LAN card. I really recomend Etec equipment. I've got one hub 2 wireless laptops, one wireless printer, one wireless PC and one enet connected PC all connected to the BB service. Its a real doddle to set up and work a treat.

Where to buy - I got my kit from my mate here.

See Etec Wireless ADSL Modem/Router 4P XG-6050 & Etec Wireless Lan 108Mbps PCI XG-950 Ret