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LAN? WAN? Help me MAN !


LAN? WAN? Help me MAN !

I have managed to set up an Origo asr 8000 adsl modem/router to work on my linux server and have configured port 80 forwarding to my server. However I am getting a little confused with the lan settings.

My server assigns dhcp settings, so my server is and the other pcs ip numbers are defined by the server. So far no probs.....

I have configured the asr 8000 to point port 80 traffic to

When I check my LAN settings the IP address is and whenever i try to change this to the asr 8000 just seems to hang saving for ever and not rebooting.

Do I need to change the IP number in the Lan configuration as currently web traffic still isnt pointing to my server, it is just saying page cannot be displayed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Russ G :shock: :?:

LAN? WAN? Help me MAN !

The easey way to do it is to set your server and other pcs up in the range or set them to get the ip from the router. If you have a server dishing out ips as well as the router soner or later they will get confused.

It will mean one pc will end up with an ip and the rest will be on the 192 range so they wont see each other.

If you set them all up in the 10.0.0. range and have the default gateway as the routers ip then it should all work ok

LAN? WAN? Help me MAN !

As previously mentioned, I would get your router to act as DCHP. This will allow all the machines on the network to see each other and will prevent duplicate IP addresses.