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Registered: 18-09-2007


Hey folks,

I have a real old logitech joystick, its absolutely maffis, and the force feedback is run by cables not gears and would rip ur arms out Cheesy

Its great fun but can get very sore on the old arm muskles.
This thing cost me £90 way back in the day :O

Anywho i was thinkin bout gettinga new one, im not an uber serious flight sim dude, so i dont realy wanna go for the whole flight yoke and throttle lever combo.

Any of you got a recent joystick, wots it like?

i was thinking of the the logitech freedom force 3d wrieless one but it runs at a frequency af 2.4Ghz which i fear might interfear with all my wrieless kit..... keyboard, mouse and router - and it looks like the first time i need to go a hard right with high tension with a torpedo on me tail ill end up with 2 parts instead of one :O

any recommendations?



I would suggest looking at this site:

And using Froogle ( ) to search for prices on the one you think is ideal. Saitek are getting pretty good at making gaming peripherals now, so I would definately recommend them Wink

I dont know whats a good joystick as I have never really used one, but those Cyborgs look pretty cool... I might buy one just to look nice on my desk lol Cheesy