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Is My Modem Cream-Crackered?

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Is My Modem Cream-Crackered?

I may be worrying over nothing here, but anyway...

I've noticed recently that a lot of web pages seem to be slow to load, especially graphics-intensive ones (I'm using Opera most of the time, but SeaMonkey seems to be the same). Streaming video doesn't seem to work quite as well as it used to either.

+Net's Speed Test shows speeds between about 900 - 950 K. This has been constant for ages.

When I look at my ADSL modem (Dynamode A390, over 3 years old), the ADSL line light is steady throughout, but the power light only comes on intermittently, usually when loading a page.

I'm sure the power light used to be steady green all the time, so I'm wondering if the modem's on the way out?

I've disconnected it from the USB hub and plugged it straight into the USB port on the back of the PC, and I've swapped the USB power cable, but no soap.

Is the modem going ta-tas, d'you think?

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Is My Modem Cream-Crackered?

Sounds like its way out buddy....
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Is My Modem Cream-Crackered?

If you have a network port then get yourself a router instead of a USB modem. It will probably work faster. The Netgear DG834 is often recommended.