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Is Amd Athlon xp 2400 basically the same as Intel P4 2.4ghz


Is Amd Athlon xp 2400 basically the same as Intel P4 2.4ghz

I've become a little muddled up on how the amd's compare with the Intel's.

I basically thought that an amd athlon 2400 is roughly the same as intel's P4 2.4 ghz.

I can buy either the Amd Barton 3200 or Intel's P4 2.8 ghz with the stepping stone of sl6z5 which is supposed to be a chip that is easily overclockable. So which of these two would be the best to go for pls?

Looking forwards to hearing from all you experts out there lol SmileySmiley

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Is Amd Athlon xp 2400 basically the same as Intel P4 2.4ghz

Hmm... the old AMD v Intel debate

It depends on what you intend to use the processor for. For some things the AMD will be better, for others the P4 is better. It is not always possible to compare the two processors, yes you can benchmark them but that does not always give you a good idea of their capabilities in the real world.

If you intend to overclock any processor the choice of motherboard is critical, some mobos allow easy overclocking and specifically support it, others don't. The mobo chipset can also make a big difference. You may also be unlucky and get a bad CPU which can't be overclocked - they do exist!

Also the higher the clock speed the lower the overclock capability because they are already near to their maximum acceptable clock speed. Whereas the lower clocked processors may well achieve the higher clock speeds without too much trouble because the cpu die was designed for the higher speeds in the first place but die temps can restrict what is possible.

In addition, good overclocking requires very good parts like memory, graphics and very good cooling, not just on the CPU itself but the case design and airflow capabilities.

So to answer your question we need to know what you intend to do with it?


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Is Amd Athlon xp 2400 basically the same as Intel P4 2.4ghz

simple guide for the 2, AMD's for gaming and Intel's for Number crunching Applications.

But yes a XP2400 is suppose to be the same as a P4 2.4 even though they have different speeds
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Thanks Peter

Lol thanks for taking the time to explain things there Peter. I were just about to reply in depth as to what I would use a computer for when my gf screamed to remind me that I have to take her to the doctors oops SmileySmiley

Hopefully I'll be back soonish and I will give a decent reply. In the meantime though, my budget would be around £750.

The things that are important to me is mainly speed. I would love to set up raid and have my computer restarting in less than 5 seconds, this appeals to me and raid 1 seems to be the best way to go but others would say raid 0.

I'm becoming a hardcore gamer really so a decent graphic card is also important. I'm seeing lots of awesome fx 5900 cards for sale around £150 and this seems to good to be true so they must be cut down versions perhaps?

Drats just got the old clip around the earhole from gf lol Smiley gotta go will finish up later, hope this is at least a basic idea as to what I want from a computer.

Thanks again Peter.
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Is Amd Athlon xp 2400 basically the same as Intel P4 2.4ghz

Intel's for Number crunching Applications.

Depends on the application. I run a DC program (see sig) where AMD XPs are approx 50% faster in FPU intensive activities than the equivelent P4. I.e. an XP2400+ (2GHz) is equiv to a P4 running at 3.2GHz. That's using standard FPU instructions not SSE/SSE2 where the P4 would probably be faster :?

It really does depend on what the PC is intended for Cheesy

Is Amd Athlon xp 2400 basically the same as Intel P4 2.4ghz

Why couldn't you have set us a budget of £1000 ? then we
really could have had some fun. Lol.
It would be a close call between the AMD 3200 and Intel 2.8
for me, but I'd choose the Athlon aswell .
If your overclocking you really need a decent power supply
such as Antec or one from Enermax at least 400W.
Also don't skimp on the case eg Thermaltake or Antec.
Get a good cooler for the cpu eg zalman, Vantec, so I'd opt
for an OEM cpu without the standard cooler and save a bit.
For motherboard and choice of chipset I'd suggest one with
Nvidia's N Force 2 or Via's KT600. Epox make some real bargains
here ; 8RDA3+ or 8KRA2+, very overclockable .
If you can get an Nvidia card for the price you quoted then
go for it, I assume the price drop is due to the fact that they were
originally priced to compete with Radeon's 9800 but weren't as
popular, try find a review. Smiley