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Internet disconnects when i turn on power dvd?


Internet disconnects when i turn on power dvd?

Every time i use power dvd 4 a movie my internet connection disconnects.

Any ideas what cud be the problem

Thanks all

Internet disconnects when i turn on power dvd?

What type of modem do you have? USB, PCI

These type of modem use part of your CPU to power them, and as such, power removed from your CPU, emans less time to work on keeping your connection allive.

Depending on your system, it may well be that your DVD player uses soft-decoders, which again, means the CPU is deconding the DVD disk, rather than a dedicated GPU (graphics card).

Internet disconnects when i turn on power dvd?

I have a usb dunamode modem
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Internet disconnects when i turn on power dvd?

There could be several reasons for this:

- It's possible you have a USB power issue. This appears common for VIA and some SiS motherboard chipsets.

- Your power supply may also not be up to the job either.

What may be happening is when powerDVD is run, it is using more CPU power to decode the images which in turn causes the power supply to give it more power, this in turn may mean there is not quote enough power to keep the USB port working so it disconnects causing the modem to lose it's power. Also running your DVD drive will be using additional power as well and the combined may be too much for your PSU to properly handle.

Do you have a power light on the modem. If so, does it go out when the modem drops out?

If you have other USB devices, try unplugging them and see if it helps.

There are a couple of options you have:

1 - check that PowerDvD is using hardware accelleration. Sometimes this is not detected so you have to manually set this. This may reduce the load on the CPU and thus not cause a power outage on the USB port. Just go into the config/settings and you should be able to see if it is or not.

2 - get a powered USB 2 hub and connect the USB modem to it

3 - change the USB modem for an externally powered Ethernet modem/router - the ebuyer origo ASR8000 is about £25. You wil also need an EThernet port on your motherboard or but a PCI network card.

4 - Check the voltages being supplied to your system. You can do this using Motherboard Monitor app.