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Internet activity


Internet activity

Is it possible to stop all internet activity inbound and outbound for a particaular user on a windows xp machine
i have a netgear dg834 router(firewall,modem)

Check on ADSL Guide


ADSL guide has a fairly comprehensive write up on your router, including how to set up outbound rules to restrict access from certain machines;

Hope this helps


Internet activity

Hi there,

If you are on about a shared machine and using XP Home then I think that setting the user type to limited should be enough.

This was a little while ago tho and using AOL which certainly did the trick.

If you are using XP Pro then you can go into Control Panel > Administration Tools > Local Security Settings and then select the Local Policies folder followed by the User Rights Assignment folder.
Be warned that this would be done using profiling and that if you were to give the wrong profile the wrong permissions you could make things extremely ackward.