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Internet Explorer 7


Internet Explorer 7

I'm having a problem with Internet Explorer 7, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problem.

Or rather, if anyone knows how to solve this problem.

When I open a new browser the following web address appears instead of my home page address:

After a second or so this re-directs to the following web address:

This gives a blue screen, the 'Errors on Page' icon appears on the bottom left of the screen and nothing else happens.

If I then click 'Home' the browser goes to my home page and runs normally. I've checked my home page settings and they are OK. Is this a registry error?

Guess this isn't an error as such, just a little annoying.

Thanks for your help.

Internet Explorer 7

Its going to those pages as it hasn't completed its install for some reason. It should go to the page to finish the setting and then save the settings.

Try going to the page manually and see if you can save it. If that fails try altering some settings in IE and save them.
Test for spyware. If all else fails try a reinstall.

Better still get the new Firefox 2

Internet Explorer 7

You need to go to Tool>Internet Options and change your homepages at the top to include the one(s) that you actually want.

Then take a look at the Tab Settings lower down on that page, you can set it to open a specific homepage when you open a new tab, or you can set it to open a blank page.

The page you reference is the default once IE7 is installed, and it sounds as if some settings within the browser need to be changed, have a got at the above, and see what happens then.

Internet Explorer 7

Nothing seemed to work so I uninstalled and reinstalled the program.

It works fine now. It looks like installation wasn't completed last time I tried.

Thanks for the help.

Internet Explorer 7

See they have found a vulnerability it all ready and its only been out a week Good old MS
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Internet Explorer 7

Ditto with Firefox 2 apparently:

"Old bugs blight shiny new browsers"