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Installing a wireless card in a laptop


Installing a wireless card in a laptop


I realise that that is meant to be a simple process........ but my installation attempts seem to not be doing what they are supposed to do.

Then Problem
I am attempting to install a D-Link DWL-G650 Wireless Cardbus Adapter into my wifes laptop to enable wireless communication with my D-Link DI-614+.
I follow the manual....... I install the drivers from the CD-Rom first; switch off the computer and then slide the card into the slot and the restart the computer as per instructions in the manual.It does seem to install even though I do not get "Windows has found new hardware" indications so there seems no chance for Windows to search for drivers etc automatically.As I said it does seem to install after a fashion but I cannot find a Configuration Utility anywhere to set up SSID and Key, Also I did manage to get it to connect to the router from some experimenting but it would not stay connected for very long.

I know this is possably a little vague a description of what I am finding, and also it is probably something very simple I am missing so is there any DWL-G650 users out there can give me any pointers........ yes I do have wireless enabled in the router.

Thanks for any help or advice that anyone is able to offer

Installing a wireless card in a laptop

Does it show up in device manager? It should also show up in network connections as a network card. If it shows up as a network card the properties should then give the otions to setup the SSID etc.

If you XP sp2 then you can try the wireless wizard as this may find it for you and let you set it up. Sometimes you have to use the software that came with the card and somtimes windows will do it for you.

You could try a new install and this time look for the dir it installs to to see if there is a util in there.

I dont know the model but most of the ones I have set up its all in the properties of the card.