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Installing XP


Installing XP


Hope someone can help me as I am having a few problems installing Windows XP onto my computer.

Basically, I made a mess of trying to install XP over ME and put it onto a different partition by mistake (despite the insanely easy to use installation wizard!). Is there anyway I can uninstall this unwanted OS even though it is stored on a seperate partiton? There is no sign of XP in add/remove programs.

Also, is it safe to install XP over ME using the 'upgrade' option rather than a clean installation? That is to say, will all my applications be present once installation is complete?

Thanks a lot
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Installing XP

If XP has installed to a seperate partition which it sounds like it has boot from your xp CD select install when the option arises then press F8 to confirm the licence

Once you get to this point you should see your ME partition and the XP parition and you can delete XP from here

Highlight the partition XP is on press D then enter then L and it will be deleted then take the CD out reboot your system and you will be taken back to ME, triple check you have selected the right partition to delete otherwise you could end up losing ME as well

If you choose the upgrade option it will install over ME but i would always recommend backing up all your data and installing XP from scratch as it will give you a clean system and there are less chances of anything going wrong including data loss

Installing XP

Thanks, I'll try that!
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Re: Installing XP


No dissrespect to yourself intended here, but this just made my sip of coffee come out of my nostrils! Tongue
There is no sign of XP in add/remove programs.

Installing Windows XP

Best thing is to backup all your data, download the latest drivers for your hardware, then to format the hard-drive, as there are always problems upgrading one version of windows to another, as you would have un-install and re-install some applications, e.g. Antivirus etc. - I know, I've been testing upgrades since Windows 95.
Boot the PC up with a bood disk or boot CD-ROM and copy the I386 folder from the Windows XP cd to the I386 folder on the C:\ drive.
Run the winnt command from the I386 folder on your C:\ drive, this will install XP much faster than from CD-ROM.