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Inbox problem

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Inbox problem

Ok, so I don't empty my IE6 inbox all that regularly...

But almost at random, new mail sometimes does not add it'self to the top of the decesending list, but often is many levels down (hope that makes sense!!) for some reason those sent by the Friends/Genes Reunited seem to be the worst for this, but not exclusively theirs.

Put another way, I may have reported say, 7 new messages, but only 5 of the are at the top of the list, the other 2 may be way lower down the list and have to be hunted for.

It's something I think has been going on for 6 months or more, and I suspect it is getting very slowly but progressively worse.

Have I got some settings wrong somewhere maybe?
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Inbox problem

probably system clocks on the senders computers not being correct
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Inbox problem

I presume you have selected 'sort by received' & not 'from' or subject ? you have to click 'View ' & 'sort by' to alter it