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Idiots Guide to Setting Up A Server...

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Idiots Guide to Setting Up A Server...

Just something I've been pondering over today, I'd love to have a go at running my own webserver and posiibly hosting websites on it to help fund it...

Anyhow could someone or several people together could come up with an "Idiots Guide" to doing this i.e. what equipment is needed, do you keep the server at your "premises" or send it off somewhere for the network cpacity that sort of thing...

If I do anyhting It won't be fore a while yet though!
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Idiots Guide to Setting Up A Server...

You have a few options.

Running a webserver from an ADSL connection for anything other than a basic personal website is a big no no as far as I am concerned. Not only because of the limited upload speed but because you're relying on the BT ADSL network. ADSL does not come with an SLA and if your connection goes down it can be days or even weeks before it comes back up.

For running internally, practising on etc, however, or running some non-important personal sites I would consider it a good starting point.

What do you need it for? You just want a play? You trying to setup a hosting company or what?

For hosting, you have two further choices really. If you need some sites hosted, or want to resell hosting, then you may be better starting off with a reseller account with an existing server host. This means that they are responsible for the servers and it also means you're not paying as much. You can resell hosting, and/or use it for your own sites.

You might also consider a dedicated server. Theses come in two forms, managed or unmanaged. Managed generally means they'll set it up and maintain it both physically and software-wise - these are very expensive generally. Unmanaged servers are generally just a box, sat on a speedy connection and you are fully responsible for the software side of things. It's just a box bundled with an OS and you setup the rest.

Another option is Colo (or Co-Location). This is where you maintain everything from the hardware and the software and you provide the hardware for situe in a datacentre. You generally rent rackspace for the server, and then you pay for the IP transit or bandwidth through the data centre connection. If anything goes wrong you generally have to travel to the datacentre to fix it.

So it all depends on what you want a server for? If it's just to have a play locally or if it's to host large sites on etc... etc...
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Idiots Guide to Setting Up A Server...

"Idiots Guide" to running your own web server;

    1 Take any old PC, Pentium III 500Mhz is a good starting point.
    (Must be dedicated to being the webserver)
    2 Download the latest stable SME iso from
    3 Burn iso to CD
    4 Boot old PC, using SME iso
    5 Answers quested asked during installation, and first boot.
    6 Read Liam’s post above