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IP Addresses


IP Addresses

My question may seem daft to some.

But I am setting up my Router and it is asking for IP Addresses of some sites I want to let through, also their Start IP Address and their End IP Address.

How do I find these addresses out?

Can any one help me.
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IP Addresses

This all depends on what you are trying to do....
You would only be doing this if you want to open some ports in your firewall, and unless that is what you intend to do I would just ignore that section of your router.
If you are doing it purposely to open a port, I think the section you are referring to assuming you are setting up incoming connections are which External IP range (over the internet) are allowed through the hole that you are opening in the firewall.

Hope this makes some since to you, if not let me know.

IP Addresses

Hi Malynch,
I think I understand what you are getting at.

If the firewall in the router is on, you can go to any site but what about the return, does not the return have to know what address and port to come back through.
Have I got this wrong?

IP Addresses

You have got the last bit wrong if it did that you would need to add every ip in the internet to get a reply. The router sees you have made a connection to a certain ip and as you started the connection it allows the site to reply.

It only needs ports opening when the connection is started from outside the router ie if someone was connecting to a web server you have