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IE default folder when browsing


IE default folder when browsing

How can I change the default folder that Internet Explorer goes to when I want to open a file from a local disc or how can I make it point to the folder that was last used?
Other programs seem to remember the last folder used and bring that one up when opening or saving a file, but IE won't do it and I am wasting loads of time
navigating to some HTML files that are on another data storage partition.

eg. using the route FILE > OPEN > BROWSE, it always goes to MY DOCUMENTS and I have to browse to my required file.

This is okay the first time I do it, but when I use the sequence again, it goes back to MY DOCUMENTS instead of the folder that I browsed to and I have to navigate all the way through the tree again.
It was not really a problem before but now it's become a pain because I need to get quick access to about 50 html files on the data partition.

Thanks in advance for any help.
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IE default folder when browsing

I've not come across a way to do this, but can't you put some of the main/index pages in the Links Toolbar, so you'd get one-click access?
Can't think of any other way.
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IE default folder when browsing

Create a Windows Toolbar for them.

Right click on the task bar, select "Toolbars" and then "New ToolBar". The wizard will ask you for the folder you want to make into a toolbar: choose the folder that contains your HTML files.
You will now see a toolbar icon at the right hand side of your taskbar. Click on that and you will have shortcuts to all your files.

Good luck!!