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IE and Firefox not working with wireless lan


IE and Firefox not working with wireless lan


I have a Toshiba Qosmio E10 xp mce which up until recently worked with a cable or wireless lan,

IE and firefox know only work with cable lan, the wireless lan icon shows I am connected to the lan but no activity when opening a browser just timesout to server not found.

Previously whilst working onsite I logged onto a local lan to download a service manual,
and the system tray showed a universal device installed, this connection worked ok at the time, I'm just wondering if this is the cause of the problem.

all help very much appreciated


IE and Firefox not working with wireless lan

if you disable the ethernet connection, restart and try again, what happens?
go into the IE/FF internet settings and see if the "detect proxy" is ticked?
do an ipconfig /all from a cmd window to see what it says as your gateway

IE and Firefox not working with wireless lan

If you have connect to a different wifi network, it is possible that your laptop is still trying to connect to that one (it has become the preferred network) instead of the one you have at home.

Within the wireless configuration you will find a list of all the wifi places you have connected to. Delete every single entry and then let the laptodp discover your wifi network again. If you have set an access password, you will have to enter it again.

You are getting a DNS error because your laptop and your router don't talk to each other.

In the IT department I work we often get those problems, but mainly from people who have taken their laptops abroad. One laptop the other day was still trying to connect to in internet cafe in Seville..from central London.