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IE Search Settings


IE Search Settings

I appear to have broken my IE search settings somehow.
HKeyCurrentUser/Software/Microsoft/Internet Explorer settings appear to be quite normal, but if I try to search from the address bar I get the following as the address (where typed_string is whatever I searched for), and a cannot find server page
I've tried all sorts and am getting nowhere.
Other users on this PC get the same problem, so I think it is something pretty fundamental.

Any clues will be gratefully received.

IE Search Settings

sorry to hear that, seems you need to change your browser, dang,

here :

download that, install it, and then browse in a bit more peace and security.

if you NEED IE, then first let me spank you good and hard for using a lame ass browser, and then clear your cache, your DNS pool and your temp files. Use google to search not the buit in IE one.


IE Search Settings

If it was the evening I'd look on Google for you and find the problem but instead I'm going to agree that you'd be better off taking this opportunity to try a different (and superior) browser such as the above mentioned Firefox.
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IE Search Settings

I agree with the other - get FireFox - much better.

But to fix your IE problem see the following URL for possible fix:


[Moderator's note by Chris (Eurotrain4): Link altered as it was stretching the screen]

IE Search Settings

Should have made a note of this link as I need it for another PC
Any chance that someone can tell me again, or that the original unedited entry could be put back so that I can find it.

IE Search Settings

I have the same problem "http:///?%20google" although my main browser is Firefox. It would be nice to get IE to work properly...

Did anyone find a solution?

Thanks in advance...