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ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please


ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please

Hello everyone,
Are there any experts out there who have the same hardware and s/w as me and has solved this problem.

I have Windows 98SE on 3 PCs all on CAT5 cabling through an 8 port hub. The fastest PC has a Connexant internal ADSL modem running AccessRunner DSL software.
The network works fine with as the main PC and static IP addresses on the other 2 PCs. The ADSL connection also works well and recently I downloaded the latest ZoneAlarm to try their 15 day trial as I have discovered that it has the facility to allow ICS to work.
However I'm stumped. I can't get it working. I can't 'surf' from the other PCs.
As far as I can tell Zonealarm is set up correctly. I've also tried disabling Zonealarm(I.e. not running it) whilst testing/installing ICS. So I don't think it is that.

What is confusing are the entries in Control Panel>Network>Configuration.
This is what I have:
1 Client for Microsoft Networking
2 3Com EtherLink III ISA (3C509b-Combo) in Pnp mode
3 Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL WAN Adapter
4 Dial-Up Adapter

5 Internet Connection Sharing
6 Internet Connection Sharing(Protocol)>3Com EtherLink III ISA ....
7 Internet Connection Sharing(Protocol)>Dial-Up Adapter
8 Internet Connection Sharing(Protocol)>Internet Connection Sharing

9 NDISWAN>Conexant AccessRunner PCI ADSL WAN Adapter
10 TCP/IP(Home)>3Com EtherLink III ISA ....
11 TCP/IP(Shared)>Dial-Up Adapter

12 TCP/IP>Internet Connection Sharing

13 File and Priter sharing for Microsoft Networks

Now items 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 13 were all present before I installed ICS (but without the bracketed 'Home' and 'Shared') and when I look at the Bindings properties in the new items, this is what i find;

5 2 items; ICS(protocol)>ICS and TCP/IP>ICS
6 Nothing!!
7 Nothing!!
8 Nothing!!
9 Nothing!!

What I don't understand (besides the lack of bindings above) is that the only option available in the Internet Properties>ICS>General tab for 'Connect to the Internet is 'Dial-up Adapter'. I would have expected there to be an entry for the Conexant AccessRunner PCI card. Or is that right?

ICS has binding entries in items 2, 4 and 5
Conexant AccessRunner (item 3 ) only shows NDISWAN under 'bindings'

If there is anyone out there that can help and needs more information, please ask me.

Also I don't know what settings the ICSselect disc changed on the other PCs on the network. What settings should there be. Oh also its probably worth mentioning that the preferred browser is Opera v6.04, althoughI have to have dreaded I.E installed as well for a variety of sites I use (like internet banking etc}


ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please

OK Let's start from the begining, does your network work and can all the machines access the internet.

Zonealarm is only a firewall, it might have an ICS / Gateway option, so that it will act as a firewall for all your other machines but it won't actually share the internet.

So going back to my first question, where are you current at?


ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please

Hello Aaron (Gadgetboy),
Thanks for the interest.
Yes the network works, each PC can see each other PC and accesss the shared folders.
No, the only PC that can access the internet is the one with the DSL internal PCI card.
With, or without Zonealarm Pro, the ICS facilities doesn't work, I've tried installing ICS when ZA is not running as well as when it is running and get the same result both times. I'm beginning to think it is something to do with ICS not detecing the right component - or something llike that, but that's where my level of knowledge starts to get a bit thin on the ground, so any help will be gratefully accepted.
What else do you need to know - ask away
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ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please

ICS isnt the best sharing method as it's very buggy under 98se, so here is a useful guide and number of don'ts when setting it up

If it worked before make sure its not the ZA firewall still running in background blocking access. You will have to use msconfig to check what Service ZA is running and kill it, then if it works then ZA isn't setup properly.
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ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please

What more can I say, see how you get on with the article posted , and if your still having problems post back and we can take it from there.


ICS, Win 98SE and ZoneAlarm Pro set-up problem- Help! Please

To adp450
Thanks for the link for infor. Tremendous! Why couldn't I find all theat when I did a search for ICS? Sad

Anyway, I've now got it working, partly through finding another thread here on th ePortal which mentioned checking the DNS entries after ICS installs. That did the trick, but thanks both of you for all the info. I shall now go into a dark corner and have agood read and get my head round it all.
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