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I hate networking

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I hate networking

Possibly not the bestest forum but its pretty close methinks.

Im on Ubuntu which gets to the net via a netgear router. The router also connects other pc's + Laptops which happen to be about to the net aswell. Out of all this i get LAN for free Smiley

Right, im doin a project @ uni... makin a web page (some of you prolly heard me crying about this already on here). Well i got an admin dude @ uni to set me up on a server with Php & Mysql & Icecast - it worked when i left uni on friday - tried it last night and its all gone tits up man, dunno wot hes done but this is only the start, and i sure as hell dont need this hassle 2 hours before the deadline next year.

So as i was gonna do all the work on my own PC anyway, as per usual, and just upload the finished product to the uni server.

I am thinking that now im gonna do all my work on my home pc and leave it at that. The only problem with this is that someone does have to mark the thing, and i dont think they do house calls Tongue.

Now i could go lo-tech and unplug my box and haul it 20 odd mile to uni - probably breaking it on the way, or even worse crash the car an burn the pc :shock:

Or i could figure out some nifty way to access the apache webserver on my local machine from outside my LAN. I like this idea, and common sense (to me anyway) says it is possible, i just dont have the first clue, not a baldy notion do i have.

Can someone teach me how do do this?

Also its prolly worth highlighting that i cant see any need for this to be a permanent setup, like i should only need it live for around 2 hours at a time so i can show it to someone. Wot i really mean is... common sense is also telling me that it might be a security risk so the ability to switch it off would be nice - i dont need some script kiddie muckin me about 2 hours before the deadline either.

Any thoughts?

I hate networking

Can you not use your plusnet webspace to upload your website to?

What you are trying to do it possible but I don't know the exact details of how to do it.

I would also recommend getting your site to work on the Uni server as from my experience it is always a good idea to have a backup option.
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I hate networking

if you want to install the apache webserver with mysql, php etc etc etc on your local machine then its easy to do and you can open up the port on your router/firewall then all you have to do is type in the ip of your computer and hey presto! If this is what you plan to do then i'd be more than happy to help you as I have done it several times so I know the dril!