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I can ping OK but IE/firefox gives page not found


I can ping OK but IE/firefox gives page not found

I have a wireless network – Netgear DG834G, with hidden SSID and WEP 64bit, and it works well for several PCs. However, I’m trying to get a friends IBM z60M to work – but it comes up with Page Not Found in IE and Firefox. Here’s some background:

It happens to use IBM Access Connections (I don’t see this as a problem – I have another laptop using this which works fine). I’ve set things up and IBM Access Connections is showing everything connected and working. I can PING, for example, and that works, as does tracert. I can ping my router, it has acquired an ip address, etc. Everything looks normal.

I have tried turning off Windows firewall and also Symantec firewall. I have run a full virus scan (nothing found). I have deleted cookies and temp internet files.

The only slight oddity is that the wireless status light on the laptop pulses repeatedly one/off for a few seconds at a time – rather than flickering rapidly. Not sure what this is indicating.

The PC is new (month or two), and has never been connected to a network previously.

I’m going to try a direct wired connection to the router tonight. But am running out of ideas. Can anyone offer anythingHuh

I can ping OK but IE/firefox gives page not found

Well, I got it working. I found that even using LAN cable into router had same page not found problem. After getting depressed, I eventually put it back to wireless. Then I did an ipconfig /renew, and after a reboot, IE suddenly came to life. I guess I should have done a renew earlier.