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I bet I've missed something simple

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I bet I've missed something simple

When I select "Restart" my PC doesn't, it just shut's down and waits to be manually started again, prior to installing XP it used to restart automatically.

I've probably changed a setting somewhere, but can't see where, or maybe Tweak XP2 (with XP magazine a couple of months ago ) had something to do with it, but again I can't see what...

Any offers please?
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I bet I've missed something simple

I have w2k - and I seem to recall that I needed to enable 'Advanced Power management support' in Control Panel | Power Options | APM' - so probably something similar in XP.

I bet I've missed something simple

I have that problem with a K75SA motherboard.

Tried the power management setup - didn't make any difference.

Traced it to a non-powered USB hub plugged in to the on-board USB port, once removed all was ok, although it takes quite a while to shutdown. Further investigation found that any PC powered USB ( modem etc) device that wasn't unplugged would stop the pc shutting down.

If you are having the same problem and can't re-arrange your USB stuff, just press & hold the off button ( for a few seconds) when windows says it's shutting down.


I bet I've missed something simple

soung gd to be work...just press the shutdown button on the case.

but make sure just save all the work b4 u doing so.

u know when the data is corrupt or not there.there wont be any help..

I bet I've missed something simple

It's worth noting that some PC's need to have their power management options turned on in the Bios, as well as in Windows.