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How do I reinstall Windows XP Pro?


How do I reinstall Windows XP Pro?

On 31 July my PC had master hard drive failure. I've replaced the drive and loaded my original copy of XP Pro. Now I want to restore from my all-fixes-&-patches-applied, up-to-date, system backup. But... this describes my problem

"This problem may occur in the following scenario:
You install Windows XP Service Pack 1 (SP1) on the computer.
You use the Microsoft Backup Utility to back up files and settings.
You remove Windows XP SP1 from the computer.
You use the Microsoft Backup Utility to restore files and settings from the backup file."
& "Service Pack 1 (SP1) is no longer available for download." - only SP1a - will that be a problem?

Last night I started a download of SP1 (and promptly got zapped by msblast). Reformatted the drive and reloaded XP Pro. This time I used MS firewall, downloaded SP1 and the patch to enable me to create network connections. Restored my backup and ended up with a system that had a terrible, 4-colour, display and internet connections that wouldn't...

Repaired Windows and now I have to download SP1 again. My laptop is bang up to date - but is there a way I can use it to get or otherwise transfer the patches for my desktop PC? Could I get all the patches (or most of them) on a CD? Or, perhaps, an up-to-date replacement XP Pro CD?

Any ideas please?

How do I reinstall Windows XP Pro?

Goto the windows update website and use the "Software catalogue" feature.

To view this, you will have to click "Personalise windows update". Tick the option and use the save button.

You should now see a "Windows update catalogue" button to the bottom left under "See also".

How do I reinstall Windows XP Pro?

Normaly when you do an update its downloaded to c:\wutemp so you could catch them there before the get deleted and put them on a cd. It does defeat the purpose of the update as they may change tomorrow so they wont be an update.

The best solution to these problems is to use ghost to create an image of your HD as soon as you have a basic clean install done. I do this in 2 ways split the hd into 2 partitions and then ghost my XP drive as an image to the second drive and also copy it to my other pc. I store my data on the 2nd partion and copy that with robocopy to the other pc.

If anything goes wrong I dont bother trying to repair it I re ghost and 15 mins I am back with a clean install.

You can slipsteam SP1 into your main cd if you have a writer details