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Home wireless network


Home wireless network

I currently have a desktop (Win 9Cool with PCI ADSL modem, 2 laptops (XP Home) and a single USB ADSL modem.

I want to set up a wireless network in the house so as to be able to run the desktop and the laptops on the ADSL connection at the same time.

Do I have to bin the PCI and USB modems and start again with an ADSL router ? If so, which is recommended for best value and ease of setup and use.

I imagine that the most cost effective option will be a wireless ADSL router with wired network connection to the desktop (which is next to a phone socket) and wireless PCMCI cards for the laptops.

Advice please on wheher this the best solution and which equipment to use ?
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Home wireless network

There are lots of threads related to other members setting up wireless or asking for recomendations, have you had a look around in all the forums or used the search facility to save us having to repeat the same answers again?

You can't add wireless to your current equipment so you will have to buy new kit - ideally an all in one device which have ADSL modem, router, firewall, 4 port switch and wireless access point. i.e. a DG834G or WAG54G and many similar models from other manufacturers .