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Home wireless network and PCI modem


Home wireless network and PCI modem

I am attempting to set up a home wireless network and I am having problems connecting to the 'net from the client computers.

The hardware I have is:
Linksys WRT54G Wireless - G Router
Desktop PC with a Belkin F5D5000 Network PCI Card and a Dynamode A220 PCI modem
Laptop PC with an actiontec cardbus wireless G card.

The router has a four port hub and a connection for an external modem, but my modem is PCI so I am attemopting to share the desktop's internet connection.

I can set the network up so that each PC can see the router and each other, but I can't connect to the internet from the laptop.

Both PCs are running windows XP and I have run the network set up wizard on each with the appropriate settings for ICS - but no joy. I guess that my choice of hardware is less than ideal. I presmue that the problem is with the router settings - but I am not even sure if the router can be set up to work with this hardware configuration.

Anyone shed any light?

Home wireless network and PCI modem

In the Linksys set up page have you chosen the static IP,
or DHCP option it's not clear if the router is assigning the
IP's or you've set this via ICS.
I would try the routers set up configuration, choose the Static IP
option ensure the subnet mask is the same as your pc's
eg ?
Have you entered Plusnets 2 DNS servers &
You should have something like WAN address (internet address)
gateway address or both. What have you got here, have you entered
your Plusnet supplied internet address in one or both settings ?
If so and it has'nt worked, enter in these settings, your 'server' pc's
local IP address instead eg ? ( make the internet address of the router, the local IP address of your pc)
You can find the details of this aswell as subnet by :
start - run - command - ipconfig/all- in main pc.
Also first check that you hav'nt got the windows firewall or any
other firewall running on your laptop and pc's.

Home wireless network and PCI modem

you must set the default gateway on all pc to point to the pc with the modem or it wont work. You dont set the gateway on the pc with the modem.

Check all pc have the correct dns and gateway set ok

Home wireless network and PCI modem

Thanks for these replies - they have contained some clues and I am getting somewhere...

[part of] the problem seems to be having DHCP enabled on the router. If I set the network up with the default settings (which has the router setting the DHCP), then disable DHCP on the router and re-run the network wizard, then everything works fine...

well almost! I then can't access the setup facility on the router (though it is managing the network OK) and as soon as I re-boot the desktop then the desktop can no longer see the router.

Still, almost everything is set to get its IP address automatically, so I will try playing around with the manual settings to see if I can get it to work properly...

I couldn't set the router up as described as the setup utility reports problems with IP addresses being the same or the mask not being the same - I probably just got the wrong combination...

One thing that would help. When you say the IP address of my PC, do you mean the IP address of the ethernet card?

Thanks for your help.

Home wireless network and PCI modem

Yes the ip adress is the ip of your network card. The reson you cant see the router is because it is probaly now in the wrong range. If your current ip range is and the router is on the 192 range you wont see it.

You need to do a ipconfig /all on your pc and get your ip. The you will have to change your ip to be in the same range as the router and you should then be able to log on to the router and change the ip to the same range.

It is better to get the ip setting from each pc and make them static, if the pc with the modem in is off then the others wont get an ip(they may kep the old one) so you may have dificulty connecting to each machine. setting a static ip means it will allways be the same. just run the ipconfig /all on ech pc and set them up as they are but asign it staticly

Home wireless network and PCI modem

Thanks for your help.

Everything is now working just fine. You were right, the router was in a different IP range (actually 192.168.1 instead of 192.168.0).

That's great - thanks again. And I even learned a little about networking! Cheesy