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Home networking


Home networking

I've got a home netwok set up using a modem/router to connect to the internet. Connected to the router is an old PC (300mhz, 48MB ram). This is set up as a file server to share files with my laptop (and until the processor died my desktop PCs).

The old fileserver PC is connected to the router using an ethernet cable. And my laptop connects using 802.11b wifi.

All used to be well and good. I keep my MP3s on the fileserver and they play fine but recently they stutter like Tony Hawks singing his 80's classic the stutter rap. Samething with movie files on the server, I used to be able to watch a whole film though the wifi connection without any problems, but recently I have had to save it to my laptop before hand.

I used to think the problem was with the old PC not being powerful enough, but if I connect my laptop to the router with a ethernet cable then the MP3s play fine so I reckon it's the wifi connection. I just seems to be since I faffed around with the MTU settings that I have started having problems.

Can anyone recommend any free, good utilities for sorting out network problems? Or can anyone suggest something that might fix it for me?

Because I connect to the internet through the modem in the router, does changing the MTu setting effect this the same as it would for a USB or PCI modem?

Cheers for any help you may offer.

Network utilisation in task manager ver rarely goes above 5% and I've never seen it go over 20% even when transferring large files. Is there any way I can let windows use more of the network bandwidth?

Home networking

It Could be a disk space issue.

How much free space is there ?

Also, have you tried de-fragging the hard drive recently ?


Home networking

There's plenty harddisk space. At least 9GB free on a 20GB drive. It has been defraged recently.

Any other ideas?