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Hidden Linux partition??????


Hidden Linux partition??????

Ok here's a long winded, strange one.

Took delivery of an all singing, all dancing Acer 2003wlmi notebook.
O/S was xp home. Upgraded to XP pro(by me) following advice from Acer support that that would present no problems.

Now the fun starts. Random cascading window appears at varying intervals stating "Aspire-1 unknown error".

Following discussions with Acer support I have been told that there is a hidden Linux partition on the hard drive which runs a multimedia function whilst the notebook is switched off, ie; it will allow music files/cd's to play without booting the o/s.

Their story (Acer) is that this Linux partion will not conflict with XP home, but will with Pro.

That seems a bit incredible to me but having absolutley no knowledge of linux i cant discuss it further.

If anyone out there can shed any light or advise me I would appreciate it greatly.

Without XP Pro the notebook is virtually useless to me.

Thanks, in anticipation.

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Hidden Linux partition??????

:idea: If you don't need the multimedia functions you could try removing the 'Non-DOS partition using FDISK.


Hidden Linux partition??????

Yea. Certainly an option, tho if i could find a work around that would be an better.

Its just the fact that if its compatible with XP Home I'dve thought pro would be ok.

Felt slightly misled by Acer Support.

Thanks for your reply.


Hidden Linux partition??????

If Pro is must, then I would consider getting your money back.

Although there shouldn't be any issues with replacing Home with Pro, deleting the hidden partition could likely see your warrentee null and void regarding software support.

However, if you can get it in writting this time, you might be better off.

Hidden Linux partition??????

Thanks Phillip,

if I cant get a workaround then replacement is on the cards.

I hope to get it resolved, tho that hope is diiminishing rapidly. Cry